Apr 29, 2010

Statphys 24

For those who are interested in, there is still time to register to Statphys 24. Statphys is considered the most important international conference of Statistical Physics and this year it is going to take place on Cairns, Australia, from 19 to 23 of July. This is the official website: 

Every conference, the Boltzmann medal is awarded to scientists with outstanding contributions to statistical physics. This year's award is going to two persons that do not need many introductions: John Cardy and Bernard Derrida. Although their entries in the Wikipedia are small, their contributions are not and those who don't know them can do a quick search of their names in the internet to see the extension of their work.

Although there is still time to participate in the conference, abstract submission closes tomorrow (30/Apr) and so those who are still thinking about submitting their work should rush. Many outstanding scientist will give talks, for instance, R. Baxter, S. Sachdev and C. N. Yang (!!!). The complete list of plenary talks with brief bios of the speakers is here:

In addition, many other related satellite meetings will be happening in the far east. This page has a list of them:

If you have the time, the interest and the funding to go, that should not be missed.

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