Apr 20, 2010

Solving Rubik's Cube

I am experimenting with a platform to write small one-page websites called Squidoo. It seems very interesting and very elegant as it is somewhere between a blog post and a website. As my first tentative, I wrote a lens (which is how they call it) with a method to solve Rubik's Cube I have learned a long time ago:

The method is explained in details with pictures (made by myself) for every move, although I haven't reached the point of making a video yet. Maybe in the future. 

I also write en passant about the relationship between the cube and group theory, as I learned the solution when I was actually preparing a coursework for a Group Theory class. Check it out and leave a comment.

[The photo above is from Erno Rubik, the creator of the cube. I don't have the credits for it, but I will be happy to put it here if someone can provide it.]

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