May 26, 2006

Evergrow Workshop

I'm going to Israel in two weeks to attend The EverLab Cluster and Numerical Experimentation in the Virtual Observatory - Evergrow SP2 Workshop in Jerusalem. It will be a workshop to learn how to use a network of clusters of computers that will connect machines in different european countries which are members of the project Evergrow. The idea is that if you need powerful computational resources to run some program, you can distribute the job between all these machines and reduce the computation time.

Evergrow project is an european community project spread around universities in the whole continent. The aim of the project is to study the mathematics and physics of networks with an eye in practical applications in the Internet. There are different modules of the project divided between each member country and here in the NCRG I'm a research fellow of this project.

As I'm going to Israel, I've just put a little map of the countries I visited in the sidebar at your left. :) Okay, it has just two countries till the moment, but I hope that it will change in the next future. At least, it will have Israel when I come back from the workshop.

There is also one interesting news I found today about invisibility cloaking: Physicists draw up plans for real 'cloaking device'. I have already seen a jacket made of optical fibers once that would render you almost invisible (if someone could remember the link and tell it to me, I would be glad). The idea of invisibility is to find a way to let an incoming light ray contour your body in such a way that it proceeds from the other side in a path that is the exact continuation of the path that was being traced by the incoming ray. The fiber jacket works just aproximately because you have some distortion as it is very difficult to make the outgoing ray follow the path that is the exact match of the incoming ray. But I believe that this difficulties will be down some day.

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Picture: logo of the Evergrow Project taken from its website.

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