May 18, 2006


Some 'digital books' I found these days:

A news about the ending of the sequencing of the human genome:
Last chromosome in human genome sequenced

And finally:

On my desk:

  • Do Black Holes Destroy Information?, John Preskill (hep-th/9209058)

  • Quantum Mechanics of Black Holes, Steven B. Giddings (hep-th/9412138)

  • Quantum information in loop quantum gravity, Daniel R. Terno (gr-qc/0512072)

  • Survey propagation for the cascading Sourlas code, Jonathan PL Hatchett, Yoshiyuki Kabashima (cond-mat/0604267)

Picture taken from: Ecliptic Illustration & Multimedia


Anonymous said...

DBook? So that's how you call it in UK?

Anonymous said...

By the way the last post was mine. Ed

Roberto Alamino said...

No. I'm calling DBook just to be different. It attracts the curiosity more than Ebook. Marketing strategy...

Edge said...

Oh well. It worked :)