Jun 13, 2010

Free Lecture Notes #1

It's been a while since I wrote the last post. It was a very busy week. My contract in Aston finishes on September and, as life as a post-doc dictates, I have been looking for a job. Also, I have to prepare to some upcoming conferences, try to finish my projects and publish (or perish, of course), worry about paying bills, visas and many other things. Science is tough to do on days like these.

Therefore, to keep the ball rolling while I have not the time to write more elaborated things, I decided to start listing the lecture notes I have been accumulating from arXiv. That's a good trick to do if you do not have time. :) So, I will start with these first five:

  1. Lectures on holographic methods for condensed matter physics, Sean A. Hartnoll
  2. Lecture notes on the physics of cosmic microwave background anisotropiesAnthony Challinor & Hiranya Peiris
  3. Les Houches Lectures on Black HolesAndy Strominger
  4. Three lectures on Newton's lawsSergey S. Kokarev
  5. Gravity & Hydrodynamics: Lectures on the fluid-gravity correspondenceMukund Rangamani
In particular, the first one seems to be quite interesting. If you have comments about them, that would be nice as well. Have fun.

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