May 27, 2010

Scientific Art

Art of Science 2010 from Princeton Art of Science on Vimeo.

I wanted to post this for some time already, so let me do it before it becomes a too old news. For the fourth time, Princeton University (the legendary one from Einstein and many others) held the Art of Science competition with this year's theme being Energy.The video above is a slideshow with the competition's work (don't blame me for the music, it wasn't me who chosen it!). These are the first three prizes:

First Prize
Xenon Plasma Accelerator
by Jerry Ross

Second Prize
Therapeutic Illumination
by David Nagib

Third Prize
Neutron Star Scattering off a Super Massive Black Hole
by Tim Koby

There were many more quite beautiful pictures in the contest and you can see the rest of them and the past galleries in the competition's website. You can also read some extra information in the blog post:

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