Mar 30, 2007

Grand Illusions

The picture above, for those who doesn't know, is a Klein bottle. It is the version of the Mobius strip in one more dimension. The surface has just one side and is non-orientable. This comes from a very interesting site I found one day when I was looking for something completely different in the Internet. Usually this is the way I find the most interesting sites. The site is:

Grand Illusions

It has 4 sections:

1. Toy Shop: in this section they sell a lot of interesting toys. Most, let's say, scientifically inclined. They are a little expensive, but they seem to be very well crafted. They have movies so you can see the toys in action. The Klein bottle of the picture can be purchased there.

2. Toy Collection: more interesting toys and objects, but they are not for sellling.

3. Optical Illusions: a collection of videos and pictures together with explanations. The interesting thing here is that they do not only restrict theirselves to the illusions already known by everyone, there are some modern ones as well.

4. Articles: brief articles about interesting stuff related to the other four sections.

I guess that it is worth to browse the website. I found it quite delighful.

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