Feb 20, 2007

What's in a name?

See the titles of these papers that I found in this thread on PhysicsForums and decide yourself:

Would Bohr be born if Bohm were born before Born?
H. Nikolic

IIB or not IIB
Mark Srednicki

If anyone knows papers with interesting names, please feel free to say it.


I'm adding two more. One, Osame pointed me (as you can see in the comments), the other I was browsing some papers I collected some time ago and stumbled with it. I guess both can be considered in the same class of the second one above, let us say, Shakespearean Titles:

What's in a name?
Luciano da Fontoura Costa

Much Ado About Nothing
Vijay Balasubramanian, Klaus Larjo, Joan Simon

Picture: Romeo and Juliet, by Soul-Daemon.


OK said...

Alamino, there is a paper of Luciano Fontoura with the title "What´s in a name?". Search in the ArXiv.

Roberto Alamino said...

Thanks. I've just added it to the list. :)