Jan 12, 2006

Renewed Homepage

After some months, I finally finished the "restauration" of my homepage. It does not have too much information yet, mainly because it has been renegated to second place after I started this blog, but I have some ideas and the new format is simpler for me to modify and include new things.

Any suggestion or critique is wellcomed, and I would like very much to receive a lot of both.

On my desk:

  • Vacuum Fluctuations, Geometric Modular Action and Relativistic Quantum Information Theory, Verch (gr-qc/0512053)

  • The Meaning of the Interaction-Free Measurements, Vaidman (quant-ph/0103081)

  • Relative entropy in quantum information theory, Schumacher & Westmoreland (quant-ph/0004045)

  • Quantum interference and Bayes theorem, Neri (quant-ph/0601061)

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